Ensuring that his patients have confidence in their smiles.


A dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite – (filling material) - that is used to cover the front surface of teeth to improve aesthetics or to protect the teeth.
Because it is very thin it is not as strong as a crown but with modern cement, life expectancy has improved.


Adult Orthodontics

It may be necessary to move the front teeth, upper and lower to put the teeth in a better position to aid in a make-over type treatment or as a definitive treatment.
An “Invisiline” type splint is used or a metal or ceramic bracket.

Tooth Whitening

With the application of peroxide to teeth, the colour can be lightened and stains removed. It greatly improves the appearance of teeth.
It is not a one-time procedure – it needs to be repeated from time to time to maintain good results.
There are three methods of tooth whitening:

1 - At the surgery; a sealant is applied to the gingiva (gum) to protect it and the bleaching formula is then applied to the teeth. 

It may be reapplied two or three times and total treatment maybe 60 minutes.

Teeth may be a bit sensitive after bleaching.

2 - Home bleaching - after impressions trays are made to fit the teeth, a spot of bleaching formula is applied to every tooth form in the tray and then fitted over the teeth.

This is then worn two to four hours during the day or when sleeping at night.

3 -Use a combination of the above two procedures for the best results.

A follow-up treatment from time to time is advised to keep the bleached colour

Avoid dark food and drink to maintain the bleaching colour.

A Total Makeover

Any one of the above or combination of treatments can be used to give you the perfect smile you have always dreamed of.
If you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth, we can suggest a treatment plan to give you the best smile you can have.


With broken teeth or badly stained teeth, or teeth out of normal alignment, crowns (a porcelain cover for the visible part of the tooth) can be used to restore or improve the aesthetics of the original teeth.