Orthodontics is the science of correcting misaligned teeth



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We use a patient-specific appliance – that means that each tooth gets a bracket that is selected for the rotation, length and position of the specific tooth with archwires that is specific for the tooth position and size of the jaw. This gives the best results in the shortest time with the best long term stability. This is not a one size fits all type of appliance. If jawbones or teeth are not properly aligned it can cause all manners of problems ex. {1} not being able to speak or eat properly {2} not able to clean properly which will result in periodontitis (gum infection) and tooth decay. Aesthetics can also be a major motivation for treatment. With younger children - girls

(10-11 years old) and boys (11-13 years old), we can harness growth to correct jaw relationship problems. If teeth are too crowded we will remove some of the permanent teeth to create space and align the rest of the teeth.

A serious problem of misaligned teeth is that proper cleaning and hygiene is not possible this, causes gum infection that allows bacteria to enter the blood vessels and cause a wide variety of systemic disease. Especially disturbing is heart valve infections, endocarditis, etc.

We use the latest technology brackets and archwires to straighten teeth in the shortest time and with minimum discomfort. 

We can also use fast braces  technology to treat the unaligned front teeth even faster.  There is, unfortunately, a higher cost to this procedure. 

We can also use porcelain brackets to make it less obvious. There is, unfortunately, a higher cost to this procedure. 

Misaligned teeth may be the result of:

1. Jaw size discrepancy – the relation between the upper and lower jaw is incorrect.  

        a. The upper jaw may be larger or smaller than the lower jaw or visa versa.

        b. The left side may be smaller or larger than the right side or visa versa.

2. Teeth discrepancies – upper teeth smaller or larger in relation to the lower teeth or visa versa.


3. Genetically missing teeth often presenting as spaces between the teeth.


4. Deformed teeth i.e. peg-shaped lateral teeth.  Often the second teeth from the midline on the upper jaw look like a spear point.  It is narrower than normal and not the correct shape.


5. Primary teeth lost before their natural eruption time.  The other teeth move towards the space and the jaw in that area does not develop as it should so there is a lack of space when the permanent tooth must erupt.


6. Rotated teeth – usually take up more space than normal teeth.

7. Missing teeth, either genetically missing or previously removed. 


Orthodontics : 8 Years Plus

Intervention orthodontics, for example, the jaws do not fit together well, there is a size discrepancy or the teeth do not bite together properly, or the permanent front teeth are crowded or there is spacing.
This can be fixed at an early age and that will allow the teeth and bones to develop normally.
If necessary a second phase treatment can be done at eleven to thirteen years of age.


Orthodontics : Adolescents

We usually wait for the permanent teeth to erupt before we do the definitive treatment.
This will usually be with brackets and archwires and might involve removing teeth to create space in the arch to perfectly fit the teeth. With modern technology however it is seldom necessary to remove teeth.

There are sometimes permanent front teeth that are misaligned or have spaces that in a very short time can be aligned with normal brackets, porcelain (white brackets) or an invisible tray like brackets.


Orthodontics : Adults

We use a simple orthodontic alignment.
There is no more growth of bones and if you do not care too much about the relation between the upper and lower jaw, but there are some misaligned teeth or spaces between the teeth.
With virtually invisible braces or the invisible type trays, we can give you the smile you have always dreamed of.
It is an unbelievable confidence booster and can be achieved in as little as 8 to 12 weeks.
The clear aligners are ideal for treating mild to moderate crowding of the front teeth. It is unobtrusive and discreet.



We use digital programmed tools that take into consideration your face, level of eyes and lips to create teeth that are perfect for you.
You will not believe how big a difference it makes.
All the teeth are the correct dimension – width and height to suit your features.

To correct the misaligned teeth we use three systems:


Brackets and archwire (‘railway tracks’) but a special system that works faster with less pressure (discomfort).  It is also available in porcelain (white) brackets at an extra cost and usually longer treatment time. 


The second is also a Bracket and wire system that utilises new technology which in a very short time can align the front teeth. It also comes in a porcelain bracket kit. 


The last method that we use is a see-through aligner system that also works best with the front teeth.


At the completion of treatment, a finisher appliance is sometimes necessary to do the last finishing of the bite and a retainer usually must be worn lifelong.


Active Aligners

Active Aligners are clear aligners that have been developed specifically for aligning your teeth in a predictable, smooth, clear and comfortable manner. Instead of metal brackets, wires or screws, you’ll be wearing a thermoplastic material to achieve your desired results - while going unnoticed by the people around you. For more information click here.

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